GVH History (Non-National Championship, 2019+)


Ames, IA, Masters Outdoor T&F – Tim Rieth was 2nd in M40-44 in 800m (2:07.07), Chris Hernandez 4th  M40-44 800m (2:08.92). Dale Flanders was 4th in M50-54 in 1500m (4:53.27) and 5th in 5000m (18:26.06). Gail Geiger was 5th in W55-59 in 800m (3:23.49)

Atlanta, GA, Masters Road 5K – Masters Men were 3rd (Andrews, Harter, Hernandez, Flanders, Riccardi), UltraVet Men were 3rd (Rappole, Yeates, Finnigan). Mark Andrews won the M45-49 division with a stellar 15:57! Doc Rappole was 5th in the 70-74.

Flint, MI, Masters 1 Mile Road – Masters Men were 3rd (Andrews, Hernandez, Ruchlin, Beyerbach), Vet Men were 3rd (Nier, Evans, Flanders, Passamonte), Vet Women were 3rd (Gregorich, Magnussen, Saeva). Mark Andrews was 3rd in M45-49 to lead our individual placements.

San Diego, CA, Masters 5K XC – Vet Men were 2nd (Nier, Flanders, Bischoff, Tchamov, Vankerkhove, Beyerbach. ), Vet Women were 5th (M. Bischoff, S. Gregorich, C. Magnussen, L. Finnigan). Ultra Vets were 4th (Rappole, May, Yeats, Finnegan, Dwyer) Doc Rappole 5th in M70-74.  Mike Nier was 5th in M50-54.

Bethlehem, PA, Club Natls. XC – UltraVet Men were 5th (May, Rappole, Gingello, Yeates, Glinsky), Vet Men were 6th (Nier, Evans, Bischoff, Flanders, Mora), SuperVet Women were 8th (A. Martin, D. Saeva, B. Rappole), and Vet Women were 9th (Lindblom, M. Bischoff, Gregorich, C. Bischoff, Magnussen). Mike Nier was 5th and Al Evans 6th in M55-59, Jim May was 9th in M70-74, Bonnie Lindblom was 10th in W55-59 to lead individual placements.