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Title:   Name: Email:
Coach   Mike Reif coachmr@rochester.rr.com
President   Mike Nier
Vice President   Dale Flanders daleflanders716@gmail.com
VP of Communications TBD
President Emeritus David Bischoff dbischof@rochester.rr.com
Treasurer Roger Salmons roger.salmons @gmail.com
President Emeritus   Leo Finucane lfinucane@c1mail.com
USATF, First GVH President   Bill Quinlisk billqxc@verizon.net
USATF, I/F, Officials   Jim Glinsky jglinsky@rochester.rr.com
Membership   Carolyn Smith-Hanna
GVH Website    Mike Nier  
PGXCSeries   Mike Nier
Colleen Newman
Event Management   Carol Bischoff cbisch99@aol.com
P.R./Marketing Director   Jack Kasperski jkasperski@rochester.rr.com
Sponsorship Director   Gene Jensen gmillard@gmail.com
Travel Management   Dale Flanders daleflanders716@gmail.com
 MenOpen (19-39)   Brennan Root
Men Masters (40-49)   Tim Reith timothyreith@gmail.com
Men Vets (50-59)   Ven Tchamov
Men Supervets (60-69)    Mark Rybinski
Gary Radford
Men UltraVets (70+)   Jim Glinsky jglinsky@rochester.rr.com
Women Open (19-39)   Donna Langerfeld  dlangerfeld@gmail.com
Women Masters (40-49)   Heather Webster  chaz_webster@hotmail.com
Women Vets (50-59)   Audra Naujokas audranknapp@gmail.com
Women Supervets (60-69)   Darlene Saeva