Masters 10K Road Nationals 2018, Dedham, MA.

The Genesee Valley Harriers Masters had several podium finishes at the Masters 10K Road Nationals in Dedham, MA on April 29, 2018.

The Women’s 40+ Team of Heather Webster (39:43), Melissa Senall (45:08), and Caroline Bucci (45:32) came in first place out of eight teams in this category.

The Women’s 60+ team of Sharon Moore (50:07), Cheryl Guth (51:27), and Cindy Ingalls (55:34) came in third.

The Men’s 50+ team of Mike Nier (36:03), Dale Flanders (37:01), Theodor Schnaufer (38:11), Venelin Tchamov (40:31), and Dennis Kinney (42:33) came in second place out of eight teams.

The Men’s 70+ team of Jim May (45:29), Tony Gingello (46:26), Liam Finnigan (48:07), and Keith Yeates (48:21) came in first place out of five teams.

Here is a link to the USATF Story that highlights the achievements of the GVH teams: 

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