GVH Women 40+ Win National 5K XC Championship at Franklin Park

GVH Women 40+ Win National 5K XC Championship at Franklin Park

GVH Men 70+ Take Second Place

GVH Women 60+ Take Third Place

Story by Coach Mike Reif

The GVH Masters Women (40-49)  won the National 5K XC Team Title on Sunday, Oct 15, 2017, at the famed Franklin Park XC course in Boston Massachusetts.  Led by Wakenda Tyler who took the train from NYC to make the race had an outstanding race with a time of 20:18. She scored 3 team points.  Not far behind was  GVH newbie Murphee Hayes of Marathon NY who scored just 5 team points. The clincher of the race was 50+ Team Captain Colleen Magnussen (age 55) by scoring just 12 points. to have the team win over the 2nd and 3rd place teams by just one point (20 to 21). Colleen sacrificed scoring for her own W50-59 team and was placed on the W40 team to ensure they enough team scorers. In doing so the not only had a great race but won her first National Team Championship.  Needless to say, the entire club was elated and it goes to show you how EVERY SCORER COUNTS in XC. Team Captain Missy Senall and lead runner Heather Webster had to withdraw earlier in the week due to injuries. Prior to this win, the team is also in the lead for the USATF National Masters Grand Prix Team Championship and honor they have won several times in the past.  Outstanding performances by all these great ladies.

Above from left to right:  Colleen Magnussen, Wakenda Tyler, Murphee Hayes

The GVH Mens Ultravet team (70+) took second place honors as a team. The team of five was led by a fast Tony Gingello who also took second place individual honors in a fast 22:40 minutes. He was followed by Keith Yeates, Jim May and then Jim Glinsky. Tom Lamme started the race but had to withdraw due to breathing issues. This is the second time in two weeks the team has made the podium. Two weeks ago with a very strong performance by all the same gentlemen, they WON the USATF National 5k Road Championship race held in Syracuse NY.  Kudos to these guys.

Above from left to Right: Keith Yeates, Tony Gingello, Jim Glinsky, (Missing Jim May)

The GVH Women’s 60-69 team took 3rd place team honors at this race. Led by the strong performances of Sharon Moore, newbie Cheryl Guth, and Jeanne Herrick. the ladies walked away with a nice plaque and team medals. Well done ladies.

Above from left to right: Sharon Moore, Cheryl Guth, Jeanne Herrick

Mike Nier, age 54 led the Veteran Men’s (50-59) team to a 7th place finish behind a number of loaded New England and as well as East and West Coast teams. Nier ran a time of 18:01 for the tough 5k course. He led all GVH performers for the day. He was followed by Dale Flanders, Tim Richard, Ven  Tchamov, John Van Kerkhove and Dennis Kinney.  It was a good team effort by everyone.


The Women’s 50-59 team members banded together to have a team finish despite injuries to two of their top runners. Kathy Hayden and Carol Bischoff ran in the middle of the pack despite nagging injuries incurred over the past few weeks in order for the team to score USATF National Grand Prix points. The two were led by a good performance by Bonnie Lindblom who ran a steady pace to help in their scoring effort. The team is currently ranked 3rd in the National Grand Prix Series. This score keeps them in the hunt for a monetary award at the end of the year.  Congratulations to them for their efforts.

Above from left to right:  Kathy Hayden, Bonnie Lindblom, Carol Bischoff

The Men’s 60-69 team had four runners and each had a good race.  Unfortunately, they were without their top 3 runners due to recent injuries. Both team Captains, Mark Rybinski and Gary Radford had to withdraw from the competition at the last minute.  Kevin Clinefelter who was having a great spring and summer could not return to competition yet but is on the mend. The team was led by Gene Jensen who ran a very respectable time of .22:21 min Bill Beyerbach was a tad behind him. Coach Mike Reif had a good race personally and helped the team along with Mitch Moore to a Sixth place team finish.

Next up is the GVH Mudslog 8 Mile Obstacle Run on October 22nd.

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