GVH Teams Shine in 2017 Lilac 10K

GVH Open Women’s team took first place at the 2017 Lilac 10K. Kathryn Potter surged to a first-place overall finish in 35:52, followed by teammates Ashley Nevol (4th, in 38:18), Heather Webster (5th, in 38:30), and Rachel Cackett (6th, in 40:43). Roadkill Racing came in second at 52:35.

GVH Open Men came in second (34:09) after Begen Elite (33:15). Omar Boulama came in first for GVH Open Men in 31:35 followed by Matthew Pierce (33:01), Robert Hurlbut (33:29), Jonathan Pinney (34:25), David Hastings (38:15), Brian Hotchkiss (38:46), and John Stephens (39:14). Roadkill Racing came in third (37:34).

GVH 40+ Men finished in 40:19 with Tim Rieth in first at 36:31, Stephen Ruchlin in second at 40:41, and Mike Sayers in third at 43:45.

GVH 60+ Men finished in 42:47. Kevin Clinefelter finished first in 40:04. Bill Beyerbach came in second at 42:49. Tony Gingelo was third at 45:26. Mitch Moore was fourth at 46:25. And Jack Kasperski was fifth in 52:14.


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