World Snowshoe Championships, Saranac Lake, New York

GVH was well-represented at last weekend’s World Snowshoe Championships.

For the women:  Beth DeCiantis took 2nd place in the W50-59 age group (1st American). Carol Bischoff took 4th out of 29 in the W50-59 age group (3rd American). Donna Langerfeld came in 10th out of 29 in the W30-39 age group. Olga Huber was 11th out of 27 in W40-49 age group. Audra Naujokas-Knapp came in 19th out of 27 in the W 40-49 age group. Jeanne Herrick was 6th out of 13 in the W60-69 age group.

For the men:  Wayne Crandall was 16th out of 34 in the M50-59 age group. Stephen Ruchlin finished 28th out of 35 in the M40-49 age group and Coach Reif finished 10th out of 20 in the M60-69age group.

It was an awesome race and GVH members got to run in snowshoes in 60-degree weather wearing GVH singlets and shorts!

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